April showers are on their way: here’s how to keep your online deliveries dry

The optimists of the world may be saying ‘Here comes spring’ – but the realists know that April often brings with it showers, storms and sometimes even snow! So, how can you ensure your online deliveries aren’t ruined by the unpredictable elements? Our tips will help prevent your online purchases getting soggy before you get to enjoy them.

With the ongoing drive for us all to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics, more e-commerce businesses are switching to environmentally friendly packaging, so the chances of your packages succumbing to April showers are increasing. Fortunately, our online-shopping experts have some great tips to help you make sure your purchases don’t fall victim to unpredictable weather.

1- Schedule delivery days  

Online shopping is a huge part of everyday life, but as lives become busier and the world returns to normal and with fewer of us at home, parcel deliveries are not as convenient as they once were. One way to combat the need to stay at home to ensure you don’t miss a delivery is scheduling them all for one day of the week. By consolidating the days your deliveries arrive you can limit time spent sitting, waiting, wishing for the courier to turn up! If you are at home and manage to schedule your deliveries for that day, you also limit the chances of a parcel being left on your doorstep in the rain!

2- Send the parcel to a remote collect point or opt for ‘Click & Collect’ at checkout

There are some other ways to alleviate the pain of missed, lost or stolen parcel deliveries, one of them being parcel collection hubs. These collection points are either situated within local convenience stores or designated lockers at petrol station forecourts, train stations or community hubs. You can have your items sent to these locations to minimise the disruption to your day and keep parcels safe until you are ready to retrieve them.

Another option is to send your deliveries to the nearest physical store of the brand you are shopping with online. One article states that the UK Click & Collect market is forecast to increase by 55.6% over the next five years! The ‘Click & Collect’ service is usually a cheaper delivery option for you, as it allows your parcel to be delivered alongside the shop’s usual stock replenishment. If you are able to walk to collect your parcel, this could also be considered an eco-friendlier option, enabling you to shop with an online e-commerce store without the increased carbon footprint of a direct delivery to your address. This can be a convenient way to retrieve parcels but does come with pain points for some, particularly with long queues and driving and parking in town-centre locations. 

3- Invest in a parcel box

If you are tired of having to consider the logistics of receiving a parcel and plan to keep shopping online in the future, it may be worth considering a more permanent way to receive your parcels. The Penn Parcel Box is a convenient, simple, secure solution to parcel problems. Its weather-proof, powder-coated steel exterior is the perfect place to store parcels, taking the guesswork and hassle out of online shopping. It also provides an anti-theft savvy storage solution, keeping your parcels in pristine condition until you are ready to unpack, which is a great bonus for committed e-commerce shopaholics as it stops your parcels piling up in your home! The Penn Parcel Box comes in a range of colours and sizes, so why wait any longer for a solution to your parcel problems?

Follow our simple steps to solve your delivery woes and keep those precious parcels protected from the impending April showers! For a direct solution, take a look at the Penn Parcel Box range online today.

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