Garden centres: the product your customers are looking for this Spring

The long Easter weekend is traditionally one of the busiest of the year for garden centres. The annual display of spring bulbs triumphing is a sure trigger to homeowners to head to their nearest garden centre, with plans to make the most of their outside space in the warmer months ahead. As footfall picks up again, it’s a great time to bring new, innovative products to your customers that will enhance their home – and their lifestyle. Products that look great and solve a problem make a savvy addition to any product range. Hello, Penn Parcel Box!

An innovative solution to a 21st-century problem: missed parcel deliveries

As online shopping has become a part of our everyday lives, unfortunately so have missed, lost or stolen deliveries! The rise of online shopping, which has continued as we emerge from the pandemic, comes with more obstacles now that employees are increasingly returning to their workplaces. And even for those continuing to work from home some or all of the time, the chance of being able to get to the door quickly enough between Zoom calls and responding to emails is slim!

So why wouldn’t your customers want an answer to this modern problem? The Penn Parcel Box offers a simple, secure solution for your customers. It provides a safe, weather-proof place for parcels to be stored, and can be bolted to the ground or a wall for added security. The rear-opening model can even be built into a wall or boundary, with the secure storage compartment only accessible from within the property or grounds.

A green solution to missed parcel deliveries to boost your environmental credentials

Garden centre customers often look to their favourite garden centre to introduce them to new environmentally friendly solutions. Your customers may not be aware of it, but their online shopping comes with a considerable carbon footprint, which goes up every time a delivery is missed or a courier has to make a repeat visit.

As Parcel and Postal Technology states:

“The logistics and delivery of items purchased online can have a huge impact on carbon emissions – in fact, shipping is often the largest contributor to any company’s carbon footprint.”

By reducing failed deliveries with a convenient Penn Parcel Box, consumers can rest easier, with the knowledge that what they order online will arrive safely, on time and without the need for a second attempt by a courier, or a dreaded trip to the local depot to collect their missed deliveries – all the while knowing that they have reduced their own carbon footprint at the same time.

As garden centres are often pioneers in finding environmentally friendly solutions, why not stock a brand-new product which has great eco credentials? Be the shop to offer a practical and simple way for your customers to reduce their carbon footprint, potentially with a Point of Sale display that explains both the problem, and how the parcel box provides a solution

An attractive addition to garden-centre product ranges

The Penn Parcel Box is a high-quality, well-finished product. The powder-coated steel is attractive in all four colours, which are extremely versatile and would suit any discerning customer’s preferred aesthetic.

  • The Polar White is a fresh, glossy box which works well with modern or historic stucco walls and any lighter window frames or front doors.
  • The Slate Grey is a matt, modern, neutral shade that complements any contemporary exterior design.
  • The Ivy Green is a wonderful option for those who prefer a more muted parcel box. This attractive shade tones well with surrounding shrubbery, making it more discreet.
  • The Matte Black is a smart, bold choice which looks fantastic on any driveway! It also complements railings and fences, so can be a good choice for customers who want to position their parcel box on a gate pillar or near their boundary.

In addition to different colours, the Penn Parcel Box also comes in two sizes. The PBX1, the standard-sized parcel box, is great for smaller driveways and terraced houses and offers a compact solution to parcel delivery problems. The larger PBX2 is the most popular model, offering even more room to receive and store multiple packages until you are ready to collect them.

A quality solution from a Great British manufacturer – with no supply chain problems

The Penn Parcel Box is made from high-quality British steel. With nearly fifty years of experience in the steel industry, Penn Elcom designed the Penn Parcel Box as a solution to the huge rise in online shopping during the pandemic. The factory based in Hastings, East Sussex, is responsible for building the Penn Parcel Box, so you won’t encounter any supply chain issues!

The manufacturing process has been carefully developed and meticulously designed to ensure that the Penn Parcel Box product is robust and resistant to all weather conditions. A solid investment for any homeowner and a lovely product to bolster your offering.

How Penn Parcel Box can work in partnership with your garden centre

We are primed and ready to take your order to help you to capitalise on sales as soon as possible! However, we also understand the need to consider the aesthetics of the product within your store and are more than happy to help provide the perfect point-of-sale solution, customised to your brand if required.

We have an extensive UK and global logistics network, storage facilities and drop ship options available to support your store in fulfilling any orders you may take. We also have stock ready and waiting if you would prefer to show off the whole range at your store!

We hope you have a busy and bustling start to spring, and if you would like to add the Penn Parcel Box to your range please do get in touch with our friendly team on 01424 429 641 for details on trade prices and delivery/stock options.

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