Why the Penn Parcel Box is the perfect solution to parcel woes at your marina

Does it feel like you’re being swamped by parcel deliveries to berth holders at your marina? It’s probably because you are! According to one report, e-commerce is predicted to contribute to 53% of total retail sales in the UK by 2029! So, with the rise of online shopping showing no signs of slowing, you need a smart solution to enable you to manage parcel deliveries for your residents and berth-holders. Fortunately, there’s a weather-resistant, secure answer to headaches caused by missed deliveries, impatient or ill-informed couriers and lost, stolen or damaged parcels. What’s more, it will also free your time, so you can get on with running your marina. Meet the Penn Parcel Box .

The Penn Parcel Box offers an easy place for couriers to deposit parcels, and is a great way to store parcels securely. Made from quality British steel, the Penn Parcel Box is powder coated to ensure it can endure those blustery coastal weather conditions with ease.

Why the Penn Parcel Box works for residents and berth-holders

By providing this facility for your residential berth-holders, you are offering a smart solution to a modern frustration and a convenience which they may not be able to get at another marina. Allowing residents to direct their online orders to their own secure parcel box, giving them confidence that their purchases will be safe until they are ready to retrieve them, is a brilliant amenity to help steer them towards your marina when they are selecting where to berth their boat. The parcel delivery box is also a great benefit for residents who are only around seasonally, but still need to receive post to a marina address.

Why the Penn Parcel Box works for marina and harbour owners/ managers

Maybe your busy staff are often tied up receiving, directing or dealing with couriers or confused residents searching for parcels. It can be time-consuming and frustrating having to stop your core duties to handle these enquiries, but it is a service which berth holders may have come to expect from your team. It is also a liability; to be responsible for the receipt and storage of other people’s parcels is a worry you don’t need! What’s more, storing parcels for berth holders until they are ready to take receipt of them – which, for seasonal or weekend visitors, could mean weeks – takes up valuable space that you could be using more profitably.

Banking multiple parcel boxes could also secure you an additional revenue stream. By asking for a fee for the luxury of the use of a high-quality Penn Parcel Box, you could even boost your bottom line!

Extra security: the rear-opening model Penn Parcel Box

For even more security, you could consider the rear-opening model. Positioned in a boundary wall or fence, or in an exterior wall of a marina building, it offers the same convenient solution for couriers depositing parcels, with the benefit of even greater peace of mind for recipients as the secure compartment can only be accessed from within the perimeter or building. This is a great solution for gated marinas or those with secure buildings to which only marina staff and berth holders have access.

Customisable solutions

The Penn Parcel Box can be customised to meet your exact requirements. For example:

  • Customised branding, to enhance your relationship further with your berth holders
  • Labels to identify which berth belongs to which berth
  • Stacked banks of parcel boxes – our retail website features individual parcel boxes, but we can provide commercial customers with banks of parcel delivery boxes, and can also stack them to reduce the footprint required.  

Speak to our friendly team about your bespoke requirements, from banks of parcel boxes to customised branding or berth numbers.

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