Protect your e-commerce clothing deliveries from the elements

Being a clothing e-commerce business owner can be equally rewarding and tiring! You may already be struggling to cope with demand and deliveries, but you are only set to get busier: it’s predicted that the global fashion e-commerce market will grow by 50% to 2.25 trillion dollars by 2025! With your online clothing business positioned for a potential ‘boom’, the last thing you want to be concerned with is deliveries getting lost or damaged this winter.

Parcel problems

Incoming deliveries can be a costly overhead to your e-commerce clothing business. You probably receive a high volume of deliveries of stock as well as the inevitable, dreaded returns. As wonderful as your products may be, it is easy to see why clothes accounted for 21% of product returns in the US in 2020. Customers can reject clothes based on a vast number of things, from fit to how the colour of an item looks on their skin tone – so as an e-commerce clothing business owner, it’s clear that you are not alone in your despair over constant returns to your business.

Keeping returns and deliveries safe and protected from unfavourable weather is key to ensuring you can resell the items to new customers. So how do you ensure your stock deliveries and returns are safe and secure, protected from the elements?

A brilliant solution for your online clothing business is a parcel delivery box. There are a few models on the market, so you must look for those with features which will guarantee your deliveries remain safe and dry.

When investing in a parcel delivery box, it’s worth looking for key features to ensure it will meet your needs and protect your precious stock and returns from damp, cold conditions.

Material of the box

Make sure that your chosen parcel box is made from a durable, solid material. This will allow it to protect your parcels, but also make it a long-lasting investment. If your parcel box will be situated outside it will be exposed to the elements, so you want a strong material. 

Steel offers many benefits and Penn Elcom, the internationally renowned steel manufacturers behind the Penn Parcel Box, have over 35 years of experience in steel manufacturing which has been invested in this pioneering product. To prevent this metal from rusting and adding further weather resistance, the Penn Parcel Box is powder coated; the process of powder-coating adds durability and provides an extra protective barrier between your parcels and the elements.

Manufacturing of the box

How a parcel delivery box is made directly contributes to its integrity and functionality. If a parcel box has not been rigorously researched and tested, you may end up with a product which falls short of your expectations when it is unable to protect your packages from the elements.

When receiving the fully assembled parcel box, you can be sure that every joint and bolt is built to last. The parcel box is then installed with interior gasket sealing to keep the elements at bay and ensure your parcels remain dry. And, by ordering a pre-assembled parcel box you also minimise the inconvenience of putting it together yourself!

Losing deliveries, supplies or returns to the elements can prove highly damaging for your e-commerce profit margins. The one-off investment of a parcel delivery box could save your business money – and you time! The added bonus of having a parcel delivery box is that you don’t have to spend your time chasing delivery drivers or answering the door to accept deliveries, or worry about that unforeseen rain storm ruining your unattended parcels. So, protect your time, your parcel deliveries, and ultimately, your bottom line with a Penn Parcel Box!

To find out more about how the Penn Parcel Box can allow you to focus fully on your business by taking care of your returns and deliveries, contact our friendly team on 01424 429 641.

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