Offer an innovative new product that solves a major headache for your garden centre and DIY store customers

It’s that time of the year when we all start planning for an alfresco summer. DIY, home and garden improvement projects are at their peak as we seek to enhance our homes and our lifestyles. As footfall picks up in garden centres and DIY stores, we have the perfect product to solve a major headache for your customers, with a stylish solution that will enhance any home.

Parcel delivery problems – a modern headache

We may be learning to live with Covid-19, but for many of us, pandemic changes are here to stay: a survey by Bazaar Voice has found that 64% of shoppers say over the last six months have combined online with in-store shopping, with 30% of respondents worldwide saying they shop online once or more than once a week, even after lockdown being lifted in many places.

While it’s nice to have purchases sent directly to your door, waiting around for delayed packages and parcels that go missing is not so fun. If you’ve changed plans or stayed in all day waiting for a parcel that never arrives, it may be some consolation to learn that you’re not alone: more than 5 million people had a parcel lost or stolen in the UK alone last year!

A quality solution from a great British manufacturer

penn parcel box

The pandemic drove everyone to change the way they shop, and as the popularity of online shopping continues to rise, so does the number of lost and stolen deliveries. The Penn Parcel Box offers a smart solution to a modern frustration, providing your customers with a safe, weather-proof place for parcels to be stored until they are ready to retrieve them. For added security, the rear-opening model can even be built into a wall or boundary, with the secure storage compartment only accessible from within the property or grounds.

The Penn Parcel Box is produced by leading steel manufacturer, Penn Elcom, applying their fifty years of steel-working experience to carefully develop and design a parcel box that is robust and resistant to all weather conditions.

A stylish parcel box for any proud homeowner or gardening enthusiast

The Penn Parcel Box is a high-quality, powder-coated steel product which comes in four versatile colours, a style for every customer to enjoy!

The Polar White is a fresh, glossy box which works well with modern or historic stucco walls and any lighter window frames or front doors.

The Slate Grey is a matt, modern, neutral shade that complements any contemporary exterior design.

The Ivy Green is a wonderful option for those who prefer a more muted parcel box. This attractive shade works well with surrounding shrubbery, making it more discreet.

The Matte Black is a smart, bold choice which looks fantastic on any driveway! It also complements railings and fences, so can be a good option for customers who want to position their parcel box on a gate pillar.

And it doesn’t stop there… The Penn Parcel Box is available in two sizes; the PBX1 is ideal for smaller driveways and terraced houses while the PBX2, our most popular model, allows storage for even more parcels until you’re ready to pick them up.

Help the environment and boost your environmental credentials

For many consumers, the temporary closure of physical shops has provided the opportunity to reassess and re-evaluate their shopping habits, with the majority of people becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases. By stocking the Penn Parcel Box, your store is offering a straightforward way for your customers to reduce their carbon footprint. By reducing failed deliveries with a convenient Penn Parcel Box, customers can relax, knowing that what they order online will arrive safely, on time, and without the need for a second delivery attempt or that dreaded trip to the local depot (I am sure we’ve all been there!)

Stock the range – or take advantage of our drop shipping

We’re delighted to be able to offer flexible sales options, so there’s something to suit your garden centre or DIY store in terms of space and operations. We can provide sample Penn Parcel Boxes in the different colours and models for you to stock the whole range for your customers to pick up in store or for you to provide local delivery. Or we can provide a sample Penn Parcel Box supplemented by leaflets detailing the different options and supported by our nationwide drop-shipping infrastructure.  We can also create a co-branded Point of Sale display for you so that our Penn Parcel Box/es fit in seamlessly with your store design.

If you would like to add the Penn Parcel Box to your range, please get in touch with our friendly team on 01424 429 641 for details on trade prices and delivery/stock options.

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