How to stop Valentine’s deliveries swamping your reception

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, that special time of the year when we all like to share the love – and let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like bouquets of red roses being delivered to make people smile. It is a time of romance and excitement on what otherwise would be a routine weekday morning. But if Cupid is working overtime in your office, factory, hotel or serviced offices, your reception staff may find they get little work done, and end up swamped under endless packages. So, what’s the solution to keeping the love alive without it taking over your business operations?

Managing deliveries for staff in large businesses

Central reception areas for large businesses can be chaotic at the best of times! Visitors arriving and signing in, requests made by employees and delivery drivers waiting for instructions or signatures – a receptionist’s day can be extremely busy! If you always have a bustling reception area, the increased deliveries could overrun the space during peak delivery times such as Valentine’s Day.

Aside from your reception area, large businesses with open-plan offices could suffer further from countless distractions when Valentine’s gifts arrive and are unwrapped in the middle of your workspace. Whether it’s to spare blushes or to keep your staff focused on their work, by receiving and keeping parcels at the front desk ready for collection at the end of the day you can minimise disruption across your workforce. But then the responsibility is on your reception staff to accept deliveries and keep packages safe.

Managing deliveries for staff in small businesses

In smaller businesses, there are often the same complications of the reception space/desk getting overrun with staff deliveries and issues of security, but with the additional complication that your reception staff may well wear several hats and have a lot to juggle during the day. If they’re also supposed to be working on your bookkeeping, social media, emails or diary management, having their time sapped by interruptions from Cupid’s couriers could mean their productivity plummets and other important tasks don’t get done.

The solution for managing deliveries for staff

Fortunately, there is a simple win-win-win solution. A secure parcel delivery box, such as the Penn Parcel Box, solves three problems in one:  and provides a safe solution.

  1. Frees staff time from accepting deliveries: Your reception staff can be constantly interrupted by deliveries arriving. This is costly and time consuming. With the Penn Parcel Box your staff can avoid wasting time accepting deliveries, especially on peak traffic days, such as Valentine’s Day.
  2. Keeps deliveries out of sight: The spacious storage compartment keeps multiple packages out of sight until it’s convenient for your staff to deal with them.
  3. Keeps packages safe: The responsibility of reception staff to keep precious Valentine’s gifts safe can be overwhelming! The Penn Parcel Box offers a secure solution to store parcels until your reception staff have time to deal with them, or the lucky recipients are able to collect them during a break or at the end of the day

Managing deliveries for tenants in serviced offices

If you run a serviced office, you have even more reason to find an efficient way to deal with endless deliveries coming into your workspace. Your shared office space is a hub for many different businesses and your main aim is to offer tenants solutions to their business problems – one of which may well be constant deliveries, which your staff then must deal with.

Make it simpler and easier with a parcel delivery drop box on site. Reduce footfall in your reception areas and place it outside – the secure weatherproof coating and seals to stop water ingress on the Penn Parcel Box will protect multiple deliveries from the elements – or place it in your foyer as a welcome and willing receptacle for parcels.

Managing deliveries for hotel guests

Valentine’s Day in the hospitality industry is one of the busiest and most demanding of the whole year. Customers want absolute perfection when it comes to wooing their loves – but the demands don’t end with the best suite or the perfect table for dinner… your clientele probably expect to be able to send gifts to the front desk ahead of their arrival, and who are you refuse them? However, this is a costly and complicated business, and if your front desk staff cannot see above the roses and teddy bears, how are they meant to offer the service that is expected of them as guests arrive?

With a secure parcel box installed, you can keep the chaos at bay, welcoming valued customers through the doors to a calm and organised space, allowing your reception staff to sort through deliveries during quieter lulls to ensure Cupid delivers successfully to the right guests.  The Penn Parcel Box is a clear solution; a one-off investment in a secure delivery box will give your front of house staff the ability to focus fully on checking people in and offering the best customer service possible, rather than being distracted by couriers! It will also keep your reception area clear of any clutter and mess, creating the perfect first impression for your smitten guests.

For more information on how the Penn Parcel Box can allow your staff to manage incoming deliveries with ease, please contact our friendly team on 01424 429 641

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