Creating a great experience for your e-commerce clothing customers

When the first signs of spring appear, everyone in the clothing industry springs into action! Seasonal changes may lead to increased sales, with the start of warmer weather, and the beginning of wedding season, vacation season and graduations. Many of these milestone events in people’s lives were postponed due to Covid-19. So, in the first spring where it feels like virus restrictions may largely be a thing of the past, it’s time to get ready for a busy sale period, as everyone makes up for lost time! But how do you maximise the sales in such a competitive market place? We discuss ways to create the best experience for your e-commerce clothing customers to secure loyalty and repeat business.

  1. Clear branding: The e-commerce clothing marketplace is highly competitive. So, you will need a strong brand and messaging to cut through the noise. By establishing a well-defined brand alongside strong values and a distinctive style, your e-commerce store will stand out. Many e-commerce businesses tackle this issue by selecting a niche within the industry; maybe your clothing features a certain print, made from a particular fabric, or you cater for a particular size range. Whatever your strategy, shout about it. Make it clear to those landing on your site that this is what you do, and then state how you do it and reinforce that you do it well.
  1. Offer deals: As the world opens up again and big events are back on, people are keen to spend the money saved whilst we were locked down. Be the business that people choose to spend with! Offering deals on multiple purchases will encourage people to spend more on your site and allow them to buy for the many social events they have planned for Spring/Summer 2022.
  1. Optimise user experience: We all know how frustrating it can be to navigate a poorly designed website. And, as an e-commerce clothing business owner, you know better than anyone that in your industry there is always an alternative website just waiting to take your customers! If you are in need of some inspiration why not check out this article on the best ecommerce platforms. With a slick, easy-to-navigate website, your users are able to find what they want. Some important considerations are:
  • High-quality photography (make sure images are optimised to ensure the website loads quickly)
  • Large image dimensions to showcase your products in the best light possible
  • Simple, clean design with easy-to-navigate pages
  • Easy, clear size guides
  • Straight-forward check-out process
  • Simple, accessible returns policy.
  1. Fast shipping: Clothes can be both a luxury and a necessity. Ensuring a speedy and/or smooth shipping process is a big consideration for e-commerce customers today; in fact, one survey stated that ‘72.7% of respondents say that a poor delivery experience would prevent them from purchasing from the same retailer in the future’. So, it’s crucial to set out the process clearly on your website to reduce any ambiguity, allowing customers to be sure when they can expect their package to arrive. Stating what time to order by to qualify for next-day delivery is something that helps alleviate unhappy customers, waiting for their Friday night outfit to arrive! Consider having clear contact information (either for yourself or your courier company) so customers can get in touch if they have any questions about their order or need a delivery update.
  1. Easy, free exchange and returns: As we all know, when buying clothes online, it’s inevitable that some will need to be returned. Whether the colour washes you out or the style simply doesn’t suit you, clothes are one of the most difficult products to buy online. This is why you should prioritise setting out a clear and fair returns policy or exchange policy.

Returns can be disheartening for any e-commerce business owner, but they can also be highly inconvenient! If you have trouble dealing with incoming deliveries and returns, a secure parcel box may be a product worth investing in to guarantee your returned clothes don’t get damaged or lost. Products such as the Penn Parcel Box offer a weather-proof and theft-proof way to receive parcel deliveries and/or returns with minimal disruption. It’s the perfect solution for busy e-commerce business owners as it not only frees up time and space, but also limits damage to delicate items, allowing you to protect the product and resell in perfect condition.

We hope the above tips have helped you to decide on where you could improve your customers’ user experience to boost sales for your e-commerce clothing store further. If you would like more information on the Penn Parcel Box and how it can help your business, please get in touch with our friendly team on 01424 429 641.

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